Friday, June 17, 2011

Random What?

Welcome any and all to what I consider a novel concept of exploring random dead people.  This blog is not about a morbid infatuation of death and dying but that of random people throughout history that are no longer with us.

I intend to introduce and explore different people of history from as many walks of life, some know and some the have faded into the background or not know at all.  Some times I will provide detailed accounts of what I have discovered of their life and others will be just a quote from some period of the life with additional links to give you an opportunity to learn more about them.

Every article will open with a quote from the person of topic and what I see in the meaning of the quote. This would be followed up with additional information when able but at the very least links to other sources will be made available.

I hope you enjoy reading about "Random Dead People".  Please any and all comments suggestions or whatnot is welcomed except of course SPAM.

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